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Write an email to hello@datafolks.com and we will send you our portfolio.

Satisfied clients

Sadly we cannot announce some of our clients due to NDA.

What we can

Actually almost everything!

We code. We solve problems. We help our clients achieve their goals.


Websites and web applications are our main profile. From simple landing pages and cms-websites to web-framework based platforms and services.


iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry - you name it. We also make hybrid PhoneGap-based apps.


Out team is really passionate about game development. We prefer Unity or Unreal Engine.


We are really excited about Virtual reality or Augemnted reality coming to our lives. And we are ready to develop any kind of VR/AR projects.


Meet The Team

We are team of professionals and friends. We really like to work together.

  • Sergey
    Business leader

    Makes things happen.

  • Sergey
    Technology guru

    Always can find optimal solution.

  • Victor
    Cloud master

    Rules the clouds.

  • Alex
    Mobile wizard

    Knows everything about mobile software.

  • Anastasia
    Client expert

    Eager for client's success.

  • Nathaly
    Marketing Analyst

    Tech solutions in a nontechnical language.

  • Nikolay
    Gamedev jedi

    Transforms game ideas into art.


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